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What are Plugins?

Plugins are applications that you can install to add new features to your WordPress website and extend it to perform more complex functions. Plugins fall into different categories including:

  • Free plugins: These are plugins that can be found on the directory, made available to the public for free.
  • Paid or premium plugins: These plugins are not available in the directory. You have to pay a required fee to get them.
  • Custom plugins: If your WordPress website needs a special feature, or you want to perform a particular function, you can develop custom plugins to meet that need, if you already have one Can’t find
BBpress And Buddypress

bbPress and BuddyPress The Basics Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new WordPress, bbPress and BuddyPress are often quite confusing. the very fact that they both begin with an equivalent letter and end with Press, make it difficult to recollect, the utilization of every plugin. (Okay so could also be the word ‘Buddy’ may be a clue). bbPress may …

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What Is Buddypress

What is BuddyPress? How To Use BuddyPress To Create Your Own Social Network

What is BuddyPress? There is little question that WordPress is one of the foremost popular content management systems. one of The explanations, why it’s so popular, is that the sheer amount of plugins that allow you to make almost any sort of website imaginable. From simple blogs to business portfolios, …

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What Is BBpress

What Is bbPress? How To Add A Forum To WordPress

What Is bbPress? bbPress may be a WordPress plugin that adds forum functionality to WordPress. Essentially, it allows you to create a full-featured forum as: Your entire WordPress site A small a part of your existing WordPress site It is free, open-source, and aims to be a light-weight solution that …

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Best WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins

Top 10 Best WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins

Best WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins: WooCommerce Product Designer is widely wont to design and customize the products on your WooCommerce Shop. Customers can design their desired product and obtain the estimated price for his or her customized product.   1. Fancy Product Designer | WooCommerce WordPress Fancy Product Designer may be …

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Best WordPress Page Builders

5 Best WordPress Page Builders (Drag & Drop) for 2020

Do you want to create an internet site without having to stress about any code? Hiring a developer would do the trick, but could cost you tons of cash. Thankfully, WordPress page builders now make it possible to make knowledgeable WordPress sites cheaply and simply all on your own, with …

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