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What Is WordPress

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? it’s currently the foremost popular content management system (CMS) within the world. WordPress powers quite 30% of the websites around the world — and it’s rapidly growing!

Overall, a content management system may be a web application that permits website owners, editors, and authors to manage their website and publish content with none programming knowledge.

WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, which is supported by nearly all web hosts. But a specialized hosting plan can offer you the sting in terms of speed, performance, and reliability.

So What is WordPress?

Usually, CMSes are used for blogging, but a WordPress site can easily become an e-commerce store, portfolio, newspaper website, or anything your heart desires.

One of the simplest things about it is that it comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. If you recognize the way to use Microsoft Word you don’t get to worry about WordPress; you’ll be ready to create and publish content even as easily!
The best part is that WordPress is open-source and free for everybody to use. In fact, it allows many people around the world to possess a high-quality, modern website — even for the littlest players.


WordPress dot com may be a propriety blog hosting service provider. WordPress .com isn’t directly associated with WordPress.org. Which is home to the foremost popular open-source CMS software, WordPress? albeit WordPress .com blog hosting service uses at its core, there are several limitations to WordPress .com.

You cannot install plugins on your WordPress .com site which is one of the simplest features of using WordPress. We’ve heard from many users who switched from WordPress.com to a self-hosted. WordPress.org site because they didn’t want to be limited in terms of what they might do with their site.

You also cannot use custom themes on WordPress .com. On top of all that, you’re limited in terms of monetization. you can’t use ad platforms like Google Adsense on your WordPress .com site to form money from it.

Content Management System:

Technically, consistent with Wikipedia, a content management system is an application that gives you the power to publish, edit, modify, organize, delete, and maintain content from one central interface.

Sheesh, that’s a mouthful, but what does it mean?

In plain English, a content management system may be a piece of software, that permits you to take care of a database of data — almost any quite information.

It might be text, photographs, videos, or audio files. All that information can then be displayed and formatted in any way you’ll imagine.

It with great care happens that WordPress is an incredibly powerful CMS.

Powerful not only in its ability to store and manipulate information but also in its ability to display that information on the online during a way that permits you to make beautiful and functional websites.

WordPress History:

The journey is started in 2003 when two developers, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, began to create a replacement blogging platform on top of a discontinued software called b2/cafeblog.

They released the primary version (WordPress 1.0) in January 2004. It looked quite different from the feature-rich content management system that lately we all know as WordPress. However, it already had most of the core features we still use today, like the editor, an easy installation process, pretty permalinks, a user management system, comment moderation capabilities, and others.


Since 2004, WordPress has skilled a fantastic transformation. Nowadays, the project is developed, managed, and maintained by a fanatical open-source community of thousands of worldwide members. They work remotely, many of them as volunteers, and meet face to face at a distributed conference called WordCamp. Rapidly growing and a replacement version is released every 2 or 3 months. Each version adds new features and security updates to the platform.

What Makes it So Popular?

It’s used on overflow 60 million websites including on the brink of 25% of the highest 10 million websites worldwide. That’s an enormous number by any count and will put your questions on popularity to rest.

But the important question, especially for somebody who’s new WordPress, is what makes the platform so popular within the first place?

Cost: WordPress is Free
I thought about saving now until last, simply for shock value. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true. you’ll download and install WordPress on almost any web host and it won’t cost you a penny.

what you call an Open Source project. Meaning, it’s not created by anybody person. There are actually many people all around the world who contribute to creating it so great. With each new release, usability is improved and new features are added.

While the core is free for everybody to use, the platform’s popularity has also spawned a whole industry.

We’ll get into this a touch more shortly, but with touch research, you’ll discover that there are thousands of the way to customize your website.

Easy to Use:

Free is great. But when it comes at the expense of usability, people often find themselves during a position where they’re willing to buy simple use.

what is wordpress dashboard

Let’s run through a number of the fundamentals with great care you’ll see what I mean:

As a WordPress user, there are two sides to your WordPress website that you simply got to remember.

The first is what’s called a front-end: It’s what visitors see once they arrive on your website.

The other area and therefore the one that needs a touch little bit of learning is that the backend or admin panel. this is often where you’ll be ready to make all types of changes to your website such as:

  • Adding new pages or posts
  • Adding text & images
  • Changing sidebar widgets
  • Changing colors & fonts
  • Adding background images & textures
  • Much more

what is wordpress post

While we’re talking about the admin areas of you’re probably wondering how complicated it’s.

There are tons of potential functionality needless to say, but one among the good things about WP is that you simply don’t get to know everything to urge started.

Creating content and adding photos isn’t much different than employing a WordPress Processor.

There is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor that allows you to enter text also as add all types of media.

As you become easier with creating posts and pages you’ll also discover an infinite number of tricks and techniques to customize your work.

What Kinds of Websites Can I Create with WordPress?

WordPress is a particularly versatile tool that you simply can use to make several different sorts of websites. In fact, the chances are endless but we’ve collected some more common ways of usage to offer you a far better insight.


Started as a blogging tool and that’s still one among the foremost frequent use cases of the platform. you’ll start small with minimal cost. Then, as your blog gets more and more exposure, you’ll upgrade to more advanced solutions.


Freelancers, artists, photographers, musicians, writers, and other creative professionals frequently use to create their online portfolios. There are several portfolio themes available on WordPress.org et al. that include all features you’ll need, like image galleries, lightboxes, and portfolio grids.


If you’ve got a little business you’ll also find WordPress to be an honest solution for your website. Although is extremely fashionable SMEs, it’s more and more frequently employed by large corporations, too.

Charity Sites

As features a low cost of maintenance and a comparatively flat learning curve, it’s not surprising that it’s the favorite platform of charities and churches also. because of it, lately more nonprofits have a web presence than ever before.

Online Shops

You’ll also create a webshop with none programming knowledge. WooCommerce, the foremost popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress allows you to feature crucial features like shopping carts, an order management system, checkout pages, one-click refunds, and others to your site.

What is WordPress?

Is WordPress right for you?

If you’re trying to find a simple tool that will assist you to build your own blog or website without learning the way to code, no other software makes it this easy.

And, you’ll find that with thousands of themes, plugins, and support options to make sure that your site will still grow with you within the future.

We trust this has been helpful, and that we anticipate seeing what you build!

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