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What Is BBpress

What Is bbPress? How To Add A Forum To WordPress

What Is bbPress?

bbPress may be a WordPress plugin that adds forum functionality to WordPress. Essentially, it allows you to create a full-featured forum as:

  • Your entire WordPress site
  • A small a part of your existing WordPress site

It is free, open-source, and aims to be a light-weight solution that won’t slow your site down.

In this article, you’ll learn more about what it is, how it’s connected to BuddyPress, and the way you’ll start together with your own set forums.

What Are The Origins Of bbPress?

As a project, bbPress was originally launched all the way back in 2004 as an answer for the WordPress.org support forums. Matt Mullenweg (one of the founders of WordPress) was the first developer and Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com) still plays an outsized role within the plugin’s development.

The impetus for the bbPress project was the slow code and have limitations present in much of the forum software at the time. As a result, This plugin has maintained its emphasis on being a light-weight solution that won’t hamper your site with unnecessary features.

What Is bbPress Good For?

A free solution that helps you add a forum to WordPress using many of WordPress’ native features.

Because your forum may be a native a part of your WordPress site, you’ll be ready to easily cash in of the WordPress user registration system, also because of the huge selection of WordPress plugins that are available to you.

What Is The Difference Between bbPress And BuddyPress?

When it involves bbPress vs BuddyPress, many of us get a touch confused. Both are Automattic-piloted plugins that assist you to build a community on your WordPress site. But each goes about it in a slightly different way – and you’ll even use both of them at an equivalent time to urge the simplest of both worlds.

So what’s the difference? BuddyPress helps you create a kind of “social network” using WordPress. Your users can:

  • Have detailed public member profiles
  • Join groups
  • Send private messages
  • Receive notifications
  • And more.

Much of this functionality is really pretty helpful for a forum, which is why it’s easy to integrate bbPress with BuddyPress.

By hooking the 2 together, you’re ready to combine bbPress’ forum focus with BuddyPress’ enhanced profiles and other community-focused aspects.

Some bbPress Demos So you’ll See How It Works

If you’ve made it this far, you would possibly have an interest in how it actually functions. instead of an attempt to describe it, we expect it’s easier to only share some working this plugin demos in order that you’ll fiddle with it yourself.

The bbPress support forum itself may be an exemplar of how it looks with its default styling (it might look different on your site because it’ll attempt to match its styling to your theme the maximum amount as possible):

what is bbpress


On the opposite hand, if you’re curious about a glance at what you’ll do with bbPress and a few custom styling, you would possibly have an interest in fooling around with the Advanced Custom Fields support forum.



Both are running an equivalent underlying plugin (bbPress), but Advanced Custom Fields has obviously layered on some style customizations to form for this plugin is better fit within its design.

Some WordPress themes also will offer built-in bbPress support in order that forums automatically look great without you having to lift a finger. And you’ll also find bbPress themes that are entirely dedicated to bbPress

How To Use bbPress – Quick Guide

This isn’t an entire bbPress tutorial, so we’re just getting to hit the highlights during this section.

bbPress is free and listed at WordPress.org, so you’ll install it a bit like you’d install the other WordPress plugin.

Once it’s installed, you’ll be ready to configure your general forum settings by getting to Settings → Forums. And you’ll also get three new custom post types to manage:

  • Individual forums
  • Topics
  • Replies

bbPress Dashboard

For example, if you go to Forums → New Forum, you’ll be able to add an individual forum category and set its parent (optional) and visibility:

Add a Forum


By default, your main forum listing will be located at “yourdomain.com/forums”. But if you’d like to change that, you can modify the various URL slugs by going to Settings → Forums and looking for the Forum Root SlugSingle Forum Slugs, and Forum User Slugs options:

Forum Slug

Use bbPress Plugins to feature Additional Functionality

While you’re liberal to use regular WordPress plugins on your own forum, you’ll also find many of these plugins that are built specifically to feature functionality to the core bbPress plugin. If you would like to seek out such plugins, an honest place to start out your search is that the official bbPress plugin listings. And you’ll also find other plugins by searching the WordPress.org plugin directory for bbPress:

And that’s it! We hope you now have a far better understanding of what this plugin is and the way it can assist you to add a forum to WordPress.


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