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Your Business Should Switch To WordPress

Various Reasons Your Business Should Switch to WordPress

Originally WordPress launched in 2003, WordPress has become perhaps the foremost popular content management system (CMS) within the world. Today, WordPress is employed by quite 74 million sites that publish new posts every second. regardless of the dimensions of the blog that’s using WordPress. This widely used CMS has become a favorite among businesses due to how powerful of a tool it’s. Just how powerful is WordPress exactly? inspect the subsequent various reasons why your business should switch to WordPress and you will see why.

1. Free:

Whether you’re a blogger or simply launching a replacement online business, the very fact that WordPress is one hundred pc free is extremely beneficial. better of all, you never need to worry about hidden charges if your site becomes more popular than expected. WordPress will always be free for you to use and create websites.

On top of that, WordPress is additionally open-source. this suggests that you simply can improve or alter the ASCII text file to make the proper size for your needs.

2. Powerful:

Unlike other content management systems, WordPress is prepared to use immediately after installation. This means that you only need to find, install, and configure a long list of bases to emphasize the various features that are considered WordPress basic features (comments, RSS feeds, reviews, etc.). No need

3. Flexible:

The flexibility of WordPress is another feature that is not at the top. no matter what you’re using WordPress for – whether as a personal blog or to a popular eCommerce site, WordPress is flexible enough to satisfy any and each one among your needs through its extensive features and extensions.

4. Search Engine Friendly:

The most popular search engines actually prefer sites that are powered by WordPress because its framework is straightforward to crawl. That’s why we recommended your business should switch to WordPress.

5. Safe And Secure:

Since WordPress is such a well-liked CMS, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s a target for hackers. However, WordPress takes the safety of its users very seriously. While you’ll use some basic security measures, like not downloading a topic or plugin from an untrusted site, WordPress constantly updates its software to stop attacks. In fact, WordPress has an automatic update feature ever since the discharge of version 3.7.

6. Customizable:

Because of the thousands of plugins and themes that WordPress has offer, with only one click of a button you’ll customize your site to seem and perform as you’d like. Furthermore, due to the seemingly endless number of features that WordPress has got to offer, you’ll create the web site or blog that you’ve always wanted.

7. Easy To Use:

Another great perk of using WordPress is how easy it’s to use. The platform is user-friendly, intuitive, and straightforward to find out. In fact, you’ll find out how to use WordPress during a matter of minutes. No wonder WordPress is understood for its famous “5-Minute Install.”

8. Many Support:

WordPress also comes with unprecedented support. this is often partially to the extensive WordPress community where you’ll troubleshoot any question or concern through the WordPress Forums.

9. Hosts Multimedia:

The addition of images, video, or audio files may be a good way to reinforce the experience of your users. Thankfully, WordPress makes it easy for you to insert multimedia (images, videos, docs, etc) files into a page or post. Not only is it easy for you to upload multimedia files, but you’ll also edit files, like images, while within the Media Library Screen. This is the reason your business should switch to WordPress.

10. Mobile-Friendly:

It’s more important than ever for an internet site to be mobile friendly to accommodate smartphones and tablets. With WordPress, however, you don’t need to worry over that. It’s already mobile-friendly, because of many of the themes being responsive.

11. Integration:

WordPress integrates with a number of the foremost powerful platforms available to offer your business that additional boost. got to launch an email campaign? you’ll use a service like Aweber or MailChimp. Want to urge purchased a product or service? WordPress can work with a number of the foremost popular payment gateways within the world.

12. Easy To Manage:

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is provided with a built-in updater for security purposes. However, The awesome thing is that WordPress also notifies you whenever there are updates for your themes and plugins. This makes managing your WordPress site a breeze since you’ll always be current on the newest updates. which will keep your site safe and fresh.

13. Saves Your Money:

Remember, WordPress may be free software. However, that’s not the sole area where you’ll economize. Because WordPress is open source and user-friendly, you won’t need to hire web designers or technicians to launch or maintain your WordPress site.

14. Numerous eCommerce Solutions:

Since you’re using WordPress for your business, then you’ll be happy to understand that there are a variety of eCommerce solutions that will convert your site into an all-out digital store. By using plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, or Shopp you’ll easily begin to form money online.

15. Keeps your site looking fresh:

Whether you would like to update your theme because you’ve had it for too long or you’re looking to require advantage of something just like the season, there are thousands of free themes to settle on from. By doing this you’re keeping the looks of your WordPress site fresh for your customers.

16. Used as a Membership Service:

If you would like to still grow a loyal fan base, and perhaps even make some additional income, then you’ll convert WordPress into a full-fledged membership site. once you create an exclusive membership site you’re providing members exclusive content they’re going to find useful. If you would like to make a membership site, you ought to look over this text by Nina Cross on DIYthemes.

17. Schedule Posts:

Running a business is a particularly time-consuming task. However, WordPress can release some overtime by supplying you with the power to schedule posts beforehand. this suggests that whenever you complete a post, you’ll schedule it during whatever time most accurately fits you and your customers. for instance, if you’ve got discovered that the foremost traffic involves your site between 2 pm to 4 pm on weekdays, then you’ll schedule posts around that point.

18. Multi-User Capability:

There’s a really good possibility that you’ll need to believe multiple people to stay your site up and running. WordPress is conscious of this and has made it easy for you to assign different roles for various individuals. Here may be a summary of those roles from WordPress Codex:

  • Super Admin – Location Network Administration features and anyone accessing each other’s features. See Create Network Article.
  • Administrator – Someone who has access to all the features of the administration in one site.
  • Editor – Someone who can publish and organize posts, including other users’ posts.
  • Author – Someone who can publish and manage their posts.
  • Contributor – Someone who can write and manage his posts but can’t publish them.
  • Subscriber – Someone who can only manage and edit their profile.

19. Add Testimonials:

Assure potential customers that your products or services are well worth the investment by including testimonials on your site. you’ll add this effective technique by installing a plugin like Easy Testimonials or the Testimonials Widget.

20. Publish Content With One-Click:

Have you just written a piece of writing or blog post that you simply got to publish immediately? No problem. After creating your amazing content, you’ll publish it with just the press of one-button. Furthermore, there are even a variety of mobile apps that allow you to publish your WordPress content regardless of where you’re.

21. Universal Platform:

WordPress features a universal platform. The WordPress dashboard always looks an equivalent – regardless of what you’re using WordPress for. You don’t get to hire experts or spend an excessive amount of your time trying to work out the way to use WordPress. In fact, anyone with some kind of general PHP and MySQL experience can use WordPress immediately.

Your business should switch to WordPress because WordPress hires top-notch developers, you’ll be sure that WordPress is merely getting to recover as time goes on. Also, because WordPress is open-source, any developer can enhance the user experience in order that it can become the simplest CMS available.

WordPress is often one of the simplest platforms for your business. Ever since I switch my personal and business sites to WordPress a few years ago I even have acknowledged how powerful it is often. you’ll do literally everything with WordPress. I highly recommend that you simply switch today!

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