How to set up the Google Site Kit plugin in WordPress?

How to set up the Google Site Kit plugin in WordPress
How to set up the Google Site Kit plugin in WordPress

How to set up the Google Site Kit plugin in WordPress?

WPScriptor gives you knowledge about Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress.

On Oct. 31, 2019, Google launches its Google Site Kit plugin for WordPress that, “enable to configure Google services, you can get insights on how people find and use your site, learn how to improve, and easily monetize your content.”

How to set up the Google Site Kit plugin in WordPress

Google Site Kit plugin allows you to easily connect the following Google Services in the admin dashboard format within your WordPress backend:


It brings the convenience of accessing your site’s performance data. While log-in to the admin dashboard of the site. This is great for Search Console, developers, and agencies who are often an admin for their own site or a client’s WordPress site. However, it does not allow the robust and dynamic capabilities of a Google Data Studio report or dashboard to sort your data. So it may not be ideal for a digital marketing manager or CMO.

It would not harm to implement this plugin as it’s actually a nifty tool that can help you stay on top of your site’s performance metrics. It’s also another condition to give Google more access to your site which can have some in-direct benefits organic.

Here is what the Google Site Kit plugin looks like in the WordPress admin plugin directory.
Step 1

Click on the “Start Setup” button.
Step 2

You will give rise to access your site’s Google Search Console profile, which means you need to sign in to the Gmail account that has access to your site’s Search Console profile.
Step 3

Once you logged in you need to permissions for Google to access the data in your Search Console profile.
Step 4

Once you will grant all the respective permissions, you will get a completion notification and can then click on “Go to my Admin Dashboard.”

Step 5

Once you are in the Admin Dashboard you will see options to connect other services such as Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed insights. You can now choose to connect these services if you want. If you go to the settings you will see additional connection options for Optimize and Tag Manager.

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