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WPScriptor: WordPress News keep you updated with what’s hot within the WordPress industry. Stay updated with WordPress releases, major announcements, exclusive WordPress deals, and far more.

WordPress News may be a category of articles. during this section, you’ll find news about WordPress themes, plugins and updates. Our aim is to supply you with useful pieces of data regarding your favorite CMS technology. WordPress News is simply a neighborhood of our blog. If you discover these articles interesting we’ll be glad if you check the opposite categories also. In this article, we provide you important WordPress update and an announcement about the latest themes plugins and scripts.  WordPress is surrounded by a very popular CMS and blogging platform, mainly because it is free and it has 100 custom customization. Over 70% of people are using WordPress as their blogging platform and no one can succeed unless they keep up to date with the latest events and trends in the WordPress community. the simplest thanks to keeping updated with regular trends & updates are by subscribing to the simplest WordPress blogs and websites. Furthermore, such blogs can provide excellent tutorials and tips which will assist you to manage the WordPress-powered websites.

By the way, if you’ve got any blogs you think that should get on my list let me know and write for us, Our primary goal is to deliver quality content. Read the content contribution guidelines carefully and apply it to be a guest author at WPScriptor. I might like to hear about more WordPress related websites (even if it’s your own).

Best WordPress Page Builders

5 Best WordPress Page Builders (Drag & Drop) for 2020

Do you want to create an internet site without having to stress about any code? Hiring a developer would do the trick, but could cost you tons of cash. Thankfully, WordPress page builders now make it possible to make knowledgeable WordPress sites cheaply and simply all on your own, with …

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What Is WordPress

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? it’s currently the foremost popular content management system (CMS) within the world. WordPress powers quite 30% of the websites around the world — and it’s rapidly growing! Overall, a content management system may be a web application that permits website owners, editors, and authors to manage their …

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Wordpress.com VS Wordpress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – What’s the Difference?

The whole WordPress.com vs WordPress.org thing is basically confusing. for everybody. First off, and it must be said directly, WordPress.org and WordPress.com are two entirely different websites/organizations/web solutions. In other words, one goes to offer you a completely different *thing* than the opposite. I know this is often weird. There …

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