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A Complete List Of Best CMS

A Complete List of Best CMS of 2020

List of Best CMS & Website Builders of 2020:

During the early days of the internet, only large companies and people with coding skills could have a website. Those days are gone and today there are lots of website-building solutions on the market that fall into two major categories — CMS solutions and website builders.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System and refers to a software application that’s used to create and manage digital content and websites.

There are two main types of CMS:

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) allow companies to create, manage, distribute different types of content that’s like (docs, surveys, product info) as well as provide collaboration on them.
  • Web Content Management Software (WCMS). It is a set of tools that allowing users without programming knowledge to create and maintain digital information on your website.

List of Best CMS

List of Best CMS for eCommerce:

If you are looking for an e-commerce CMS solution and not sure where to start, I’ve compiled the following list of the most popular CMS software for e-commerce. here is a list of best CMS.

Have a look!


Probably the most popular e-commerce website builder. It’s so widely used mostly because it’s intuitive, easy-to-use and it has a huge app store that allows enhancing your online store. There are also thousands of third-party apps available that extend functionality and make it suit your needs best.
List of Best CMS


If you use WordPress, WooCommerce is the best and the most popular e-commerce option. It’s a truly powerful solution that is compatible with most of the popular plugins for the websites. But if you’ve never used WordPress before, you need to consider other options. Otherwise using both WordPress and WooCommerce can be tricky for a new user.
List of Best CMS


Another powerful option for e-commerce. It’s more user-friendly than WordPress and got a bunch of other benefits like PayPal integration. It also offers a variety of pre-built templates that extend its functionality greatly and make it one of the best e-commerce CMS on the market.
List of Best CMS


Magento is used by massive retailers like Samsung and Nespresso as well as small e-commerce operators. The learning curve of this one is steep for but it’s worth the effort. It’s available as a free download as well as a hosted service. Its pros also include an impressive feature set and high customization capabilities.
List of Best CMS

List of Best CMS for Small Business:

Small business websites usually don’t require advanced functionality, therefore, the website building software for this particular purpose should have an intuitive interface and be easy-to-use with minimum extensive knowledge required.


Probably the most widespread option due to its functionality, host and self-hosted options and many more. WordPress is a free open-source solution that requires no coding skills. Plugins are a huge part of it — there’s a plugin for every use case.
List of Best CMS


Wix has an intuitive interface, an array of simplistic plugins and third-party accessories integration like Google Analytics. However, it has some limitations concerning the integration of more complex tools. More tech- and marketing-witty individuals should look into other CMS solutions.
List of Best CMS


Joomla is an easy-to-use CMS that comes with a user-friendly dashboard. And there are many third-party integrations available for setup. Since this is an open-source, the elements are customizable to suit your needs. Setting up may require a steep learning curve. Maybe not as easy to set up as Wix or Weebly.
List of Best CMS


Drupal is one of the most popular open-source content management systems on the market. Its major advantages include functionality, flexibility, customization and a wide variety of plugins. However, Drupal requires advanced knowledge of installation and modification (more advanced than in Wix and Joomla).
List of Best CMS

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